(Video) The 5 Most Realistic Options for Interstellar Missions

Is Deep Space and Interstellar Travel Possible within our Lifetime?

We have reported on new ways of giving us the capability of Deep Space and Interstellar travel. The EM Drive is an exciting development we reported on earlier and we can see that what may have been considered Science Fiction a number of years ago is slowly moving towards reality. How difficult is it to colonize other star systems, Alpha Centauri is only 4.4 light years away is this possible within our lifetime? There are options being investigated by NASA such as the Alcubierre Warp drive and wormholes. The following video gives us an insight into what could be possible and what would be the quickest way to develop Interstellar capability.

The video is enthralling so stay with it to consider the 5 possibilities and please leave a comment about which technology you believe would work:


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