(Video) Flying Car Approved for Test Flights In The US

Terrafugia’s Amazing Flying Automobile Takes Next Step For Air Commuting

It has been the dream for many people especially since the days of Back to the Future and the flying Delorean. Terrafugia’s flying car won’t let you travel through time but may make the daily grind of commuting a little more interesting – if you have the money of course. The Federal Aviation Authority in the US is going to allow air tests of a drone version of the car.

Read on to find out the next steps in the process and check out the Amazing video – I want One!

Now, before you get too excited, the model they’ll be testing in US airspace is not only unmanned – it’s a mere tenth of the size of their actual flying car prototype. But that’s not so bad, because having the flexibility to actually test a miniature version of the TF-X ‘in the field’ is expected to fast-track the R&D phase of their actual, real-life flying car.

Their scale model will be permitted to reach altitudes of 121 metres and speeds of 160km/h. It can use US air space throughout the country, but the team behind it must be in communication with the relevant authorities at all times.

“Extensive sub-scale flight testing of sUAS [small Unmanned Aircraft Systems], along with wind tunnel testing and aerodynamic simulation, are key to refining the vehicle’s design,” Terrafugia said in a press statement.

According to Aero News Network, these tests will be crucial to the development of the actual TF-X flying car, due to the aircraft’s unique engineering. “Because of the unconventional configuration of the TF-X, it is vital to achieve sustained, stabilised hovering with smaller models before developing a full-size TF-X prototype,” they report.

If the TF-X ever makes it to market, it will have a cruising speed of 322 km/h (200 mph) with an 805-km (500-mile) flight range, and will require no runway space whatsoever to take off and land.

Check out the Amazing video below to get a real feel for this hybrid beauty:

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