(Video) Amazing Footage Of Re-usable Rocket and Perfect Landing

Blue Origin Demonstrates it’s Rocket Capabilities- Fantastic!

This is just great stuff, imagine being able to be transported almost into space and experience weightlessness for a number of minutes before entering the Earths atmosphere safely. Is this the ultimate experience? This is something that most kids dream of and you take right through into adulthood. To a degree it will still be  a dream for most of us due to the cost of doing something like this but it’s nice to dream.

Check out the post and video below and leave a comment if you would like to experience this.

Jeff Bezos’ private space company, Blue Origin, announced Tuesday morning that it had made history. It had successfully flown its first-stage rocket, New Shepard, to an altitude of 100 km (62 miles) and brought it back in one piece. This is a huge accomplishment for the approaching era of reusable rockets, which is expected to dramatically reduce the cost of spaceflight. With a fleet of reusable rockets, companies will no longer need a new multimillion-dollar rocket for every flight.

The New Shepard rocket was also carrying a spacecraft that is designed to eventually shuttle six customers into suborbital space. Suborbital space is right at the boundary where the gravitational pull from Earth ends and space begins – about 100 km above Earth’s surface.


It’s called suborbital because the spacecraft is not high enough or moving fast enough to actually orbit Earth, but people can still experience a brief period of weightlessness, just like the astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

The launch ended with the spacecraft safely parachuting down to the ground at Blue Origin’s test site near the town of Van Horn, Texas. After that, it was time for the crew to watch as the rocket came plummeting back to Earth. The team designed the rocket to fire its engines during its landing to slow its descent and avoid a crash.



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