(Video) A Bowling Ball and a Feather Fall in a Giant Vacuum

Watch How Mass Counts for Nothing in a Vacuum

If you remember back to School and depending on how old you are it could be difficult – well I find it difficult anyway! Anyway, if you drop two objects in vacuum they will fall at the same rate even if one is heavier than the other. Did you ever do an experiment at School/College/Uni to demonstrate this? Even if you have seen this happen before you check out the video as it is awe inspiring.

The experiment takes place at NASA’s Space Simulation Chamber which incorporates the biggest vacuum in the World. The video shows two scenarios one with air in the chamber and one where all the air is evacuated. It takes 3 hours to remove the 800,000 cubic feet air from the chamber. It’s wonderful to watch the whole video and make the comparisons yourself.


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