Smart Glove Converts Sign Language into Text And Speech

Text and Speech from A Glove to Revolutionise Sign Language

Sign Language has been a god send for helping anyone hard of hearing or deaf communicate with the outside world. It has been around for such a long time but there has never been any real improvement in how this can be used as you have to understand sign language to decipher it. This newly developed glove spans that area to allow anyone to understand what is being said via signing. What a great invention fromĀ Hadeel Ayoub!

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Five flex sensors sit on the fingers, monitoring how they’re being manipulated, while an accelerometer integrated into the fabric of the glove figures out how the hand is being held and the direction in which it’s pointing. Through three successive prototypes, the glove has been made thinner, lighter, and faster, and the latest version includes a text-to-speech chip to vocalise the words as they’re signed.

Ayoub has also created a computer application for displaying the signed words and phrases on a small screen. Eventually, she wants to create a mobile app so the same effect can be seen on a smartphone or tablet, and once Wi-Fi is incorporated – scheduled for the next prototype – the glove could also be used to send texts and emails. The addition of a motion controller in the fourth version of the glove should add to its accuracy too.

“I had one mission when I started this project and it was to facilitate communication between all kinds of disabilities, eliminating barriers between people who have a visual, hearing, or speech impairment,” explains Ayoub in a press release. “The prototypes each have a new additional feature, an LED light, and a speaker for example, that took me one step closer to my goal. Once I’ve incorporated Wi-Fi and translation features into it the glove will be useful for all – no exclusions as to who the user can reach, wherever, whoever, from any country at any time.”

Keep up to date with the project atĀ Hadeel Ayoub’s blog.


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