Evidence Found Was There Life On Mars

Discovery of Petroglyphs and Statues on Mars – Proof of Life on Mars?

Is this the evidence that Mars was inhabited in the past. An image released by NASA apparently show a Statue half buried in the soil on Mars. As you can imagine this has got many people excited including many UFO researchers and Enthusiasts. They believe that the statue also has Petroglyphs shown on it’s surface. Maybe this will get the conspiracy theory people going again but it’s exciting everyone around the World. are we seeing a major breakthough here, well time will tell.


The ‘ancient engraving’ has fired up social media where people rushed to leave their comments giving their opinion on the discovery. The Martian petroglyphs joins a long list of unexplained discoveries on the surface of the red planet that were found thanks to NASA’s very own Alien root exploring the red planet.” copied.

“The humanoid statue, the helmet, cube, thighbone and gear wheel are just some of the mysterious ‘artifacts’ photographed by NASA’s curiosity rover. Pareidolia or actual evidence? There is an ongoing debate about the origin of the discoveries on Mars. While many people firmly believe that Mars was inhabited in the distant past and we are seeing evidence of that today, other people who are more skeptical believe that we are seeing what we want to see, and that all of the discoveries can be attributed to Pareidolia, psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (an image or a sound) wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern where none actually exists. Now with the discovery of flowing water on the surface of the red planet, is it difficult to believe that Mars was inhabited in the distant past? When the red planet was very similar to Earth… with an atmosphere, oceans, rivers and even vegetation… Could an ‘Alien’ civilization have flourished on Mars, thousands of years ago as some researchers like Dr Brandenburg suggest?”


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